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by Brian R. James

The Backdrop series returns to the pages of Dragon with an exploration of the noble nation of Cormyr from the Forgotten Realms setting. With the launch of the 4th Edition Realms around the corner, now is the time to get an in-depth look into the current state of the country. Plus, the article features two new Cormyrean paragon paths and some other goodies for players interested in the region as a launch point for their PCs.

The kingdom of Cormyr is old yet strong and vigorous. This civilized land carved itself out of a wilder territory through grit, bravery, and determination. Though the land has a reputation of goodly rule, sometimes Cormyr has had to make difficult choices to ensure its security. Its most contested border is along shadowy Netheril and gluttonous Sembia, though Cormyr also borders the hazardous Stonelands, the Tunlands, and the Stormhorns and Thunderpeaks.

Dominated by humankind, the Land of the Purple Dragon has been ruled by House Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of a legion of magically potent warmages and an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers. A mystical connection exists between the land and the people and creatures that inhabit it, which is little understood but demonstrably real and powerful.

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A software engineering manager by day and Forgotten Realms aficionado by night, Brian R. James authored the Grand History of the Realms and continues to serve up new Realmslore through D&D Insider and the Candlekeep Compendium. Brian also contributed to the forthcoming 4th Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide. Brian would like to thank Brian "Garen Thal" Cortijo for his invaluable assistance during the writing of this article.

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