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Ur-DraxaD&D Insider Article
Eye on Dark Sun
by Travis Stout and Rodney Thompson

F illing the heart of an island whose name has been lost to time, the Valley of Dust and Fire sits like a festering wound. Volcanic ash chokes the air, and an ever-present storm of silt scours anyone foolish enough to try to reach the island’s surface. Sightings from a distance have spawned both tales of wonder and tales of horror, because depending on which bard you believe, within the valley lies a city that is either the last refuge of Athas’s verdant past, a land of ease and plenty, or a twisted nightmare citadel, the birthplace of the death of the world.

Given the bleak, harsh nature of Athas, it is no surprise that the latter legend is far closer to the truth. Two millennia ago, Ur Draxa, the capital of the island nation of Ebe, was a paradise. The draconic ascension of Borys of Ebe reduced the island to a blasted waste that was haunted by strange elemental spirits. Ur Draxa has become a city of the unquiet dead, her citizens’ lives snuffed out to feed the grotesque sorceries that transformed Borys into the Dragon.

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    Rodney Thompson is an RPG designer at Wizards of the Coast, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. His credits for the Dungeons & Dragons game include Monster Manual 3, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, and Monster Vault.

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