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Dragons of Eberron
4th Edition Conversion
By Craig Campbell

If you wish to add material from Dragons of Eberron into your 4th Edition campaign, this conversion will help -- including everything from half-dragon rakshasas, half-fiend dragons, and dragon golems, to the aquatic undead dragon, Arstyvrax!

In Adar, a group of Riedran soldiers are forced back by hurricane winds and a terrible storm. A shadow is seen moving in the clouds, and the soldiers curse the Storm Guardians, the dragons who defend the realm of refuge . . .

In Xen’drik, a silver dragon plays a gruesome game of chess with a frost giant chieftain. The pieces are the frozen corpses of her recent victims, reanimated and forced to serve her in death . . .

In Khorvaire, an influential minister holds a secret meeting with a cunning crime lord. This negotiation irrevocably alters the balance of power in the great city of Fairhaven. One of these men is human; the other, a dragon who has made its home in Aundair since before the rise of Galifar. But which one is man, and which wyrm?

And in the heart of Argonnessen, thirty-six dragons gather in a vast stone spire older than the human race. The collective power of this conclave could shatter a kingdom. A debate rages on a matter of interpretation—the outcome could determine the future of Eberron.

Dragons have walked this world since the dawn of time. They are creatures of legend, subjects of a thousand tales, slayers of demons, and destroyers of kingdoms. They are prophets and puppet masters, and despite their awesome reputation, few humans truly realize the power these wyrms wield. In the modern age, very few people have met a dragon and lived to tell the tale. But an age of adventure has arrived, a time when new heroes rise up to challenge the legends of the past. And so it is time to learn about the great wyrms that have shaped the world since the first age.

Welcome to Dragons of Eberron.

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