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Rule-of-Three: 02/28/2011
R&D Staff

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers! Here’s how it works—each week, our Community Manager will be scouring all available sources to find whatever questions you’re asking. We’ll pick three of them to answer, whether about the about the making of the game, the technical workings of our DDI studio, or anything else you care to know about… with some caveats.

There are certain business and legal questions we can’t answer (for business and legal reasons). And if you have a specific rules question, we’d rather point you to Customer Service, where representatives are ready and waiting to help guide you through the rules of the game. That said, our goal is provide you with as much information we can—in this and other venues.

This week, we tackle a few questions regarding D&D Essentials and the Player’s Handbooks.

1. Is there any plan to "essentialize" the races that were not included in Heroes of the Fallen Lands/Forgotten Kingdoms? The gnome, goliath, genasi, warforged, and deva don't currently have the option to choose stats, which is a shame because they are great races that deserve this treatment.

Yes, as we move forward we will modify races to give them a choice on one of their ability score bonuses. You’ll see these rolled out in a combination of print products and Dragon articles. At this point, our main barrier is simply making time in the schedule to tackle it.

You can find out more about D&D Essentials in the product catalog.

2. Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Heroes of the Fallen Lands added new expertise feats (axe, bow, crossbow, heavy blade, light blade, orb, rod, sling, spear, staff, and wand) which have clear advantages over those that were introduced in Player's Handbook 2 (Weapon and Implement Expertise) and Player's Handbook 3 (Versatile Expertise). Are the previous feats going to be removed from the rules; and if not, why would they continue to be included?

Since D&D Essentials is not a new edition (either in whole or as a “half” number), we didn’t want to invalidate anything that a player may have already taken for their character. That’s why the human and half-elf racial abilities are presented as an option that can be taken in place of, rather than a replacement for, the prior versions. If someone already had one of those older feats, we didn’t want to force them to buy the new books to update their characters.

By the same token, we wouldn’t want Heroes of Shadow to delete old feats if improvements or new twists on existing concepts show up in it.

3. Will we see more support for classes that use the standard at-will, encounter, daily, and utility power progression from Player’s Handbook?

Yes. We’ll continue to support those classes with new builds, and as we consider creating new classes we will use that progression when it is appropriate. Using data we cull from the Character Builder, we can determine the most and least popular classes. Obviously, we will provide support for classes that receive the most play. For less popular options, we’ll look to see what we can do to make those choices more appealing via new builds, new powers, and other new options. From our data, the Player’s Handbook classes are quite popular and will receive continuing support in the future.

How can I submit a question to the Rule-of-Three?

Instead of a single venue to submit questions, our Community Manager Trevor Kidd will be selecting questions from our message boards, Twitter feed, and Facebook account. You can also submit questions directly to So, if you’d like to have your question answered in the Rule-of-Three, just continue to participate in our online community—and we may select yours!

Last week's poll results: elf or dwarf?

  • elf: 50.4%
  • dwarf: 49.6%

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