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Savage Encounters Preview 2
Peter Lee

Savage Encounters features monsters and villains that threaten all tiers of play. As the most likely set of foes, we have 18 heroic monsters. Now that people have been playing 4th Edition for more than a year, quite a few campaigns are finally hitting the Paragon tier. We have 15 monsters for you. Plus, there are seven Epic-level monsters for those groups at the highest tier of play. Today’s preview takes monsters from all three tiers.

Make a list of your favorite low-level monsters. I’ll give you a few seconds. ...

You’ve probably written down at least goblins and hobgoblins. One of the goblins in this set is the common Goblin Skullcleaver. He’s not the only goblin -- there are three if you include the Norker -- but he’s a basic representation for his race. If you’re used to fighting that level 3 Brute, our next figure would be quite a bit more difficult. The rare Hobgoblin Hand of Bane is a level 8 Elite Soldier, and he's my favorite Hobgoblin miniature in the history of the D&D Miniatures line.

For today’s Paragon level monsters, we have one of the two dragons in the set, the Adult Gray Dragon. He looks a bit like a sculpted stone statue: I love the scales on his head and down his back. If the Paragon tier isn’t your preferred campaign, you could use the miniature as a level 5 solo Young Gray Dragon from last year’s Draconomicon. Our other Paragon miniature is also today’s visible miniature: the Salamander Archer. We’ve done a couple of salamanders over the years but never one wielding a ranged weapon.

Our final miniature for the day tops out at level 27: the Sorrowsworn Reaper. When I finally saw the painted version a few months ago, this one leaped pretty close to the top of the “my favorite in the set” list. There’s a subtle gradient from black to dark purple on his wings, and I love how the wash highlights his strong facial features.

That’s it for today. Until next time!

Goblin Skullcleaver

Adult Gray Dragon

Hobgoblin Hand of Bane

Salamander Archer

Sorrowsworn Reaper
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