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Penny Arcade/PvP Ep1
Dark Sun

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From Penny Arcade

"I spent two and half years invested in a Dark Sun campaign as a young man, and the opportunity to revel there again -- if reveling is even possible in that blistered psychic wasteland -- was an honor and a pleasure. I hope I was able to create in their minds the same deep curiosity about the setting that was, heretofore, my sole domain."

Once more around the table! The folks at Penny Arcade, PvP, and Kris Straub run a new session of Dungeons & Dragons -- this time set in the world of Dark Sun!

Warning: This podcast contains strong language.

The Group

Episode 1:

Submatron Galash of trading concern House Galash has brought in extra security for a trip to the "free city" of Tyr. Not that it'll help. In this episode, we meet the party -- as they begin at Altaruk, where they sign on with a Tyrward caravan. Travelling with a caravan isn't safe, but it's safer than travelling alone.

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