News Archive | 12/7/2009
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Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season -- the season of giving. That said, we're solidly in the "better to be receiving camp" -- and if you share these sentiments as well, then we'd like to direct your attention to our holiday gift guide.

The guide serves as a convenient checklist to hand out to friends and family who might be shopping for your roleplaying game needs. (Let's face it, while Grandma Gladys might understand that you play a game called Dungeons & Dragons, she has no idea what to pick up for you that you don't currently own.) To make things even handier, we've categorized the guide with ideas for players, dungeon masters, readers—and young adventurers!

So, in a way, by using the gift guide, you are giving folk something thoughtful -- you're giving them a nicely formatted, appropriate-for-you shopping list!

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