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D&D Next Playtest Has Opened!

The D&D Next Playtest Has Begun!

We are looking for you, the legions of D&D fans, to provide your feedback to help shape the next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons. As of May 24th, the public phase of the D&D Next playtest has opened so that participating D&D players and Dungeon Masters have a chance to give their input.

How to Join the Playtesting

To get started, simply go to (or click the "Playtest" link in the D&D website’s navigation). There, click on the "Start Playtesting Now" button to get started, and follow the instructions. Participants must have an active account and agree to certain terms and conditions in order to participate. (There’s no charge for a account and it’s easy to create.)

Providing Feedback

You will periodically receive links via the email address you provide for your account to take surveys about the playtest materials.

Your feedback will help us to deliver a great game. The best way to give us feedback will be through the playtest surveys appearing in the coming weeks. We want to listen to as many people as possible, and these surveys will be the best way for us to cast a big net for feedback. Just answer the survey questions and hit "submit".

On behalf of Wizards of the Coast, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to download the first public playtest material for D&D Next. Be sure to check back for news on updates to the playtest materials, playtest surveys, and other D&D Next related news at

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