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DnDClassics New Releases—the online PDF store containing classic content from every edition of Dungeons & Dragons including fan-favorite supplement materials and iconic adventures—continues to add new content to its virtual shelves. This one-stop-shop for D&D content offers an easy way to access and download favorite classic titles electronically by computer, mobile phone, or tablet (including iPads).

Coming to DnDClassics this week:

  • DL3 Dragons of Hope (1E Dragonlance)
  • GAZ3 The Principalities of Glantri (1E AD&D)
  • Player’s Secrets of Ariya (2E Birthright)
  • FR3 Empires of the Sands (2E Forgotten Realms)
  • The Well of Worlds (2E Planescape)

And, looking ahead to next week:

  • DL4 Dragons of Desolation (1E Dragonlance)
  • GAZ4 The Kingdom of Ierendi (1E AD&D)
  • Player’s Secrets of Helskapa (2E Birthright)
  • FR4 The Magister (2E Forgotten Realms)
  • Heroes of Battle (3E AD&D)

DL3 Dragons of Hope

You have freed 800 refugees from the depths of Pax Tharkas, but now the armies of the dragon highmaster Verminaard pursue you through the wilderness.

There is only one hope for you—to find the gates to Thorbardin, the ancient kingdom of the mountain dwarves, sealed long ago in the Dwarfgate War. The problem is that nobody knows where it is, or if it still exists!

Through the snow-covered Kharolis Mountains, across the Dergoth Plain, haunted with the ghosts of ancient armies, and to the incredible mountain known only as Skullcap, you search for the answer that will save the refugees of Pax Tharkas . . . and yourself!

Dragons of Hope is the exciting third part of the First Book of Dragonlance, an epic quest through the world of Krynn, threatened by the domination of the inhuman draconians. This adventure can be played as part of a separate adventure, or as part of the great quest that spans the entire Dragonlance story.

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