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Shadowbane Bundled Content

The city of Luskan has always been a den of pirates, thieves, and murderers. But lately, it has gotten even worse. A ship crashes ashore with nothing but corpses. Everyday people go crazy and kill those around them. The only signs found of even the most hardened criminals who walk the streets at night are bones.

Luskan’s sister city, Waterdeep, sent a detachment to quarantine the unclean city—to let the filth die, rather than infect the rest of the Realms—but Myrin has slipped inside, declaring that she will save Luskan. Shadowbane follows, determined to save Myrin and therefore her pet city—even if he has to kill every rat in Luskan to do it.

So sets the stage for Shadowbane, our ebook novel debuting September 27. Featuring the return of the book’s namesake vigilante from Downshadow, Shadowbane continues the worlds-spanning events of the Abyssal Plague. Written by Erik Scott de Bie, fans of D&D Encounters will also recognize his name as designer of both the first season as well as the most recent, Lost Crown of Neverwinter.

With the rapid changes taking place in the publishing world these days, we at Wizards of the Coast are committed to implementing an ebook strategy that embraces the benefits of this new format. Ebooks enable us to connect rich stories with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying experience. For Shadowbane, we are excited to include additional content that not only provides readers with valuable backstory for Kalen Dren and other characters, but also gives Dungeon Masters valuable material with which to design and explore future campaigns into Luskan and the world of the Abyssal Plague.

This content includes:

  • A new short story, “A New Purpose,” by Erik Scott de Bie.

  • Link to the Abyssal Plague hub, which will include the novel’s prequel, “The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane,” as well as the e-novella, “Chosen of the Sword,” both by Erik Scott de Bie. Along with “A New Purpose,” these three pieces feature and tie into characters from Downshadow and Shadowbane.

  • The Abyssal Plague overview, written by James Wyatt.

  • Sample chapters from other novels in the Abyssal Plague canon: The Temple of Yellow Skulls (by Don Bassingthwaite), Sword of the Gods (by Bruce Cordell), and Oath of Vigilance (by James Wyatt), as well as a sample of The Gates of Madness novella (by James Wyatt).

  • Details on Luskan (Shadowbane’s setting), from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide.

  • Details on the Abyssal Plague demons, from Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.
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