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D&D Novel eBooks

You may not have realized, but when it comes to our Dungeons & Dragons novels, new titles are simultaneously released in print and e-book format. In addition, we have many backlist titles available in e-book format as well—selections include the following, available wherever e-books are sold!

ISBN Title Author
9780786952625 Promise of the Witch-King R.A. Salvatore
9780786952632 Road of the Patriarch R.A. Salvatore
9780786952649 The Orc King R.A. Salvatore
9780786952656 The Pirate King R.A. Salvatore
9780786954018 Homeland R.A. Salvatore
9780786954025 Exile R.A. Salvatore
9780786954032 Sojourn R.A. Salvatore
9780786954049 The Crystal Shard R.A. Salvatore
9780786954056 Streams of Silver R.A. Salvatore
9780786954063 The Halfling's Gem R.A. Salvatore
9780786954070 The Legacy R.A. Salvatore
9780786954087 Starless Night R.A. Salvatore
9780786954094 Siege of Darkness R.A. Salvatore
9780786954100 Passage to Dawn R.A. Salvatore
9780786954117 The Silent Blade R.A. Salvatore
9780786954131 Sea of Swords R.A. Salvatore
9780786954148 The Thousand Orcs R.A. Salvatore
9780786954155 The Lone Drow R.A. Salvatore
9780786954162 The Two Swords R.A. Salvatore
9780786954681 The Servant of the Shard R.A. Salvatore
9780786954728 The Spine of the World R.A. Salvatore
9780786954353 The Fallen Fortress R.A. Salvatore
9780786954360 The Chaos Curse R.A. Salvatore
9780786954179 The Ghost King R.A. Salvatore
9780786955763 Agents of Artifice Ari Marmell
9780786955770 Sucks to Be Me Kimberly Pauley
9780786955787 The Purifying Fire Laura Resnick
9780786955794 Storm Dragon James Wyatt
9780786955800 Dragon Forge James Wyatt
9780786955817 Dragon War James Wyatt
9780786955824 Alara Unbroken Doug Beyer
9780786955831 City of the Dead Rosemary Jones
9780786955848 The Crystal Mountain Thomas M. Reid
9780786955855 Downshadow Erik Scott de Bie
9780786955862 The Fanged Crown Jenna Helland
9780786955879 The Restless Shore James P. Davis
9780786955886 The Edge of Chaos Jak Koke
9780786955893 Unclean Richard Lee Byers
9780786955909 Undead Richard Lee Byers
9780786955916 Unholy Richard Lee Byers
9780786955923 Renegade Wizards Lucien Soulban
9780786955930 The Forest King Paul B. Thompson
9780786955947 The Stowaway R.A. Salvatore
9780786955954 The Shadowmask R.A. Salvatore
9780786956135 Blackstaff Tower Steven E. Schend
9780786956142 City of Torment Bruce R. Cordell
9780786956159 Corsair Richard Baker
9780786956166 The Fall of Highwatch Mark Sehestedt
9780786956173 The Fractured Sky Thomas M. Reid
9780786956326 Silver Dragon Codex R.D. Henham
9780786956340 The Gossamer Plain Thomas M. Reid
9780786956357 Mistshore Jaleigh Johnson
9780786956364 Swordmage Richard Baker
9780786956388 The Black Talon Richard A. Knaak
9780786956395 Death March Jean Rabe
9780786956401 Wrath of the Blue Lady Mel Odom
9780786956418 Fate of Thorbardin Douglas Niles
9780786956425 The Fire Rose Richard A. Knaak
9780786956432 The Gargoyle King Richard A. Knaak
9780786956449 Goblin Nation Jean Rabe
9780786956456 The Rebellion Jean Rabe
9780786956463 The Sellsword Cam Banks
9780786956470 The Survivors Dan Willis
9780786956487 The Doom of Kings Don Bassingthwaite
9780786956494 Night of Long Shadows Paul Crilley
9780786956500 The Queen of Stone Keith Baker
9780786956517 Son of Khyber Keith Baker
9780786956524 Word of Traitors Don Bassingthwaite
9780786956531 Gold Dragon Codex R.D. Henham
9780786956333 The God Catcher Erin M. Evans
9780786956586 Return of the Sorceress Tim Waggoner
9780786956593 City of Towers Keith Baker
9780786956609 Forge of the Mindslayers Tim Waggoner
9780786956616 In the Claws of the Tiger James Wyatt
9780786956692 Annihilation Philip Athans
9780786956708 Ascendency of the Last Lisa Smedman
9780786956715 Condemnation Richard Baker
9780786956722 Darkvision Bruce R. Cordell
9780786956739 Dawn of Night Paul S. Kemp
9780786956746 Depths of Madness Erik Scott de Bie
9780786956753 Dissolution Richard Lee Byers
9780786956760 Extinction Lisa Smedman
9780786956777 Farthest Reach Richard Baker
9780786956784 Final Gate Richard Baker
9780786956791 Forsaken House Richard Baker
9780786956807 Ghostwalker Erik Scott de Bie
9780786956814 Heirs of Prophecy Lisa Smedman
9780786956821 Insurrection Thomas M. Reid
9780786956838 Lady of Poison Bruce R. Cordell
9780786956845 Lies of Light Philip Athans
9780786956852 Midnight's Mask Paul S. Kemp
9780786956869 Resurrection Paul S. Kemp
9780786956876 Sacrifice of the Widow Lisa Smedman
9780786956579 Temple of the Dragonslayer Tim Waggoner
9780786956623 The Binding Stone Don Bassingthwaite
9780786956630 The Gates of Night Keith Baker
9780786956647 The Grieving Tree Don Bassingthwaite
9780786956654 The Killing Song Don Bassingthwaite
9780786956661 The Sea of Death Tim Waggoner
9780786956678 The Shattered Land Keith Baker
9780786956685 The Thieves of Blood Tim Waggoner
9780786956883 Scream of Stone Philip Athans
9780786956890 Shadowbred Paul S. Kemp
9780786956906 Shadowrealm Paul S. Kemp
9780786956913 Shadowstorm Paul S. Kemp
9780786956920 Storm of the Dead Lisa Smedman
9780786956937 The Black Bouquet Richard Lee Byers
9780786956944 The Emerald Scepter Thomas M. Reid
9780786956951 The Rage Richard Lee Byers
9780786956968 The Rite Richard Lee Byers
9780786956975 The Ruby Guardian Thomas M. Reid
9780786956982 The Ruin Richard Lee Byers
9780786956999 The Sapphire Crescent Thomas M. Reid
9780786957002 The Shattered Mask Richard Lee Byers
9780786957019 The Yellow Silk Don Bassingthwaite
9780786957026 Twilight Falling Paul S. Kemp
9780786957033 Vanity's Brood Lisa Smedman
9780786957040 Venom's Taste Lisa Smedman
9780786957057 Viper's Kiss Lisa Smedman
9780786957064 Whisper of Waves Philip Athans
9780786957071 Dissension Cory Herndon
9780786957088 Guardian, Saviors of Kamigawa Scott McGough
9780786957095 Guildpact Cory Herndon
9780786957101 Heretic, Betrayers of Kamigawa Scott McGough
9780786957118 Outlaw, Champions of Kamigawa Scott McGough
9780786957125 Ravnica Cory Herndon
9780786957132 The Fifth Dawn Cory Herndon
9780786957149 Time Spiral Scott McGough
9780786957514 Avenger Richard Baker
9780786957538 Still Sucks to Be Me Kimberly Pauley
9780786957552 The Tyrrany of Ghosts Don Bassingthwaite
9780786957569 Monster Slayers Lukas Ritter
9780786957576 Circle of Skulls James P. Davis
9780786957583 Zendikar: In the Teeth of Akoum Brook Steingass
9780786957545 Taint of the Black Brigade Paul Crille
9780786942619 Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
9780786948604 Dragons of the Highlord Skies Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
9780786949168 Dragons of the Hourglass Mage Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
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