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Pimp Your Store Contest

Enter For a Chance to Win the Ultimate Prize Pack for Your Store!

Wizards of the Coast is hosting a contest exclusive to stores participating in D&D Encounters (in the U.S. and Canada only), to deliver a "pimped out" gameplay experience. Your challenge is to transform your store into a D&D-themed location using the marketing kit you received along with your D&D Encounters kit. Four runner-up prize packs and one ULTIMATE prize pack will be awarded to stores that submit the most creative entries. Prizes include exclusive store decor, snacks, sneak peeks at upcoming D&D materials and the Grand Prize includes an in-store visit from a D&D game developer and a $2,500 gift certificate to Home Depot to take your store makeover even further!

Starting March 23, 2010, send an e-mail to containing the following:

1) Your name, your store name, store address and phone number.

2) Up to (5) photos of your store (which may include storefront, windows, counters, game area, etc. decked out with your Wizards-provided D&D marketing materials). Try to make your pictures as fun and creative as possible!

3) A brief essay in 300 words or less describing why your store is most deserving of a Dungeons & Dragons makeover. The essay may, but is not required, to include responses on the following topics:

  • What is the story on your store? (Ex: How long has it been in operation? Do you have any fun facts about your store?)

  • Tell us about your events (Ex: how often do you host events? Do your regular customers participate?).

  • Tell us about your community and how you get involved (Ex: how do you work together with nearby businesses? Do your game groups organize community service activities?).

  • What would make your store feel "pimped out"? Think big! (Ex: special lighting? Decor? Life size game pieces?)

  • Quotes/anecdotes from your customers or town and anything extra you would like Wizards to know about your store or the people in it.

You may also enter by mailing physical copies of your photos and essay, along with your name, store name, store address, and phone number, to Wizards of the Coast LLC, ATTN: D&D Pimp Your Store Contest, P.O. Box 707, Renton, WA 98057. All entries become the exclusive property of Wizards and will not be acknowledged or returned.

E-mail entries must be received before Midnight (PST) April 13, 2010. Postal entries must be postmarked no later than April 13, 2010 and received by Wizards no later than April 19, 2010.

You can learn more at our Encounters program.

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