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Monster Vault Excerpts

Rousted from his lair in the Cairngorm Peaks by dark visions, the green dragon Vestapalk and his kobold wyrmpriest companion are bound by what they believe to be a common destiny.

In today’s excerpt from Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, we start off with a threat stretching twenty-five feet from tail to toothy maw, with a wingspan to match. The great dragon Vestapalk is a fearsome sight to behold—first encountered in The Mark of Nerath!

As an adult green dragon, Vestapalk has rough scales that range in color from emerald to viridian, though their luster is muted and flat. The inner scales on the wyrm’s left forelimb are scarred with long, even lines—nine deep slashes from wrist to elbow. These marks denote kills of worthy opponents in Vestapalk’s estimation, nearly all of them fortune-seeking adventurers.

Like many of his kind, Vestapalk prefers the flesh of sentient mammalian prey. The great wyrm has traditionally feasted upon the orcs of the Stonemarch to satiate his appetite, but in recent years, Vestapalk has widened his hunting grounds to include the wilderlands south of the Cairngorm Peaks. These increasingly frequent incursions have spread much fear among Winterhaven’s populace.

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The green dragon Vestapalk and his kobold wyrmpriest companion are bound by a common destiny.
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