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Showdown at the Black Lanterns
Shadowfell Excerpts

"Heroes? Aye, that’s what we need. More heroes to feed the shadows."
—Soldier in the Deathless Watch

The Shadow fell thrives on the cusp of decay, the moment when death finishes dissolving life to feed rebirth and new birth throughout the planes. A land cocooned in near twilight, it is a bubbled mirror of the mortal world, bewitching loosed souls and adventurers alike. Thrumming with danger, it is home to the living and the dead, the decadent and the desperate, the daring and the despondent.

Chapter 4 of Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond offers hooks to lure adventurers to Gloomwrought, and its sister locations, and keep them engaged in action and intrigue. The purpose of the Encounter Book is to provide Dungeon Masters with quick, premade encounters that (with little or no effort) can blend into any campaign. In addition to monsters from the Campaign Guide, this book includes new monsters and monsters from other sources.

Showdown at the Black Lanterns

Encounter Level 19 (12,400 XP)


  • Lord Nill, nightwalker (N)
  • 2 bodak death drinkers (B)
  • Han, oni storm strider (H)

This encounter springs from the “Dark General” hook associated with the House of Black Lanterns. It also introduces a treacherous oni named Han, one of Lord Nill’s allies. The encounter offers an interesting transition for characters high in the paragon tier who stop at the inn while en route to somewhere else. The colorful group of Black Lanterns patrons and the inn’s location-shifting ability give you a number of options for putting the adventurers on the path to their next quest, rescue mission, or monster-slaying adventure.

After nightfall, Lord Nill comes to collect tribute from Yarol, who owns the House of Black Lanterns. Yarol knows the visit is upcoming, and this time he has enlisted the aid of the characters to provide some resistance against the nightwalker.

Han, an oni storm strider, begins the encounter disguised as a child. Don’t place his figure before the encounter starts.

When the adventurers step outside, read:

A storm has blown in since the Shadow fell’s sun set, and lightning and thunder crack over the land. You’d rather be inside, tucked in beside the hearth amid a motley assortment of patrons. Instead, you’re out in a waterlogged courtyard, awaiting a thing in the night.

Suddenly, lightning splits the sky, and you see your enemy: a dark creature in the vestiges of ceremonial armor, two gray-skinned creatures flanking him. In your minds, you hear, “Defenders of the Black Lanterns, Lord Nill shall punish your insolence!”

(1.5 Mbs PDF)

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