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Legion of Gold Excerpts

They come at sunset—mysterious warriors wearing armor of golden alloy. At first they numbered only a handful, but over the past two months, more and more of the marauders have appeared to terrorize the peaceful trade-towns that comprise the Barony of Horn. What they want, no one knows—the golden warriors never speak. They lay waste to farms and villages without warning. The armored raiders have dragged scores of captives off to unknown fates, vanishing into the wilds east of the Barony of Horn. The warriors are known as the Legion of Gold, and no one knows where they will strike next.

Legion of Gold contains much material for your D&D Gamma World characters—new origins, vocations, even rules for mounts. For Game Masters, the set also includes new locations to base your adventures, as well as the set’s namesake adventure itself:

“Legion of Gold” is a D&D Gamma World adventure for five characters of 6th or 7th level. By the adventure’s end, the characters should be 9th or 10th level.


Once those cyborgs get you in their targeting sights... well, let’s just say it ain’t your lucky day.

Cyborgs are fusions of living creatures and robotic systems. Some are free-willed humanoids that have a cybernetic augmentation such as a prosthetic arm or a strength-boosting exoskeleton. Others are people or animals turned into cybernetic drones through the installation of neural control systems. The cyborg warriors detailed here fall into the latter group; these creatures are enslaved by the neural chips ins talled in them by the NERO Master Control Unit, further "improved" by the surgical addition of armor, weaponry, and other systems useful to NERO.

The cyborgs presented below are captured humanoids converted into cyborgs. The conversion process includes the installation of hard-wired armaments such as power swords, grenade launchers, blasters, and plasma flamethrowers. Once converted to a cyborg, a creature can’t be restored; removing its neural chip kills it.

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