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The Mysterious Chamber
Wrath of Ashardalon Excerpts

The lands around Firestorm Peak have grown restless. The few villages near the volcano have been besieged by marauding bands of orcs and kobolds, and more dangerous horrors lurk in the shadows. Worst of all, a new villain calls the mountain home—the terrifying red dragon Ashardalon has turned the volcano into its lair.

Hope appears in the form of a band of Adventurers that arrive in the village of Longbridge, hidden away in the foothills of Firestorm Peak. They are welcomed, but the village elders have little hope that their plight will change. Brave Heroes regularly attempt to destroy the evil within Firestorm Peak, but none have ever returned from the dungeon beneath the volcano. Perhaps these new Heroes will be the ones to stop the red dragon Ashardalon and save the village of Longbridge….

The Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game is a cooperative adventure game—with rules familiar to fans of the Castle Ravenloft Board Game. You and your fellow Heroes work as a team to succeed in the adventures that unfold within the dungeon beneath the volcano. You either win together or lose together.

Each player selects a Hero, who has come to Firestorm Peak to seek fame and fortune or to fight the evil hiding below the mountain. Choose from the Dragonborn Wizard, Human Cleric, Elf Paladin, Half-Orc Rogue, and Dwarf Fighter in this box, or a Hero from the Castle Ravenloft Board Game. The Heroes explore the dungeons below the mountain, find treasure, fight monsters, and uncover mysterious chambers.

With a little help from you, the game chooses the monsters you battle, the encounters you meet, and the halls you explore.

In today’s preview, we wanted to showcase one of the scenarios from Wrath of Ashardalon, including new optional rules unique to this board game.

Adventure 4: The Mysterious Chamber

An opening in the rock leads to one of many chambers hidden beneath Firestorm Peak.

Goal: Find the evil hidden in the Mysterious Chamber and destroy it.

When you start the adventure, read:
For years, bands of roving monsters have assaulted the village of Longbridge, the last bastion of civilization before the foothills of Firestorm Peak. You and your companions have vowed to stop these attacks—no matter the cost!

(2.6 Mbs PDF)

Rules: Chambers

When an Adventure uses the Chamber rules, add the appropriate Chamber Entrance tile to the Dungeon Tile Stack and place the appropriate Chamber Tiles Stack face down nearby.

You will also need either a specific Chamber Card or the entire Chamber Card deck, depending on the rules of the Adventure.

A Chamber represents the location of the climactic scene of an Adventure and is filled with dangerous Monsters and terrible Villains.

When you draw either the Dire Chamber Entrance or the Horrid Chamber Entrance from the Dungeon Tile Stack, place that tile according to the tile placement rules. Then draw from the associated stack of Chamber Tiles, labeled either “Dire Chamber” or “Horrid Chamber” as appropriate. Draw and place an additional Chamber tile next to each unexplored edge of the Chamber Entrance tile.

If one of the Chamber Tiles drawn is the Large Chamber, you place additional Chamber Tiles next to each unexplored edge of that tile as well.

After you’ve placed the Chamber Tiles, you draw the top Chamber Card or a specific Chamber Card, depending on the needs of the Adventure. Each Chamber Card sets up a major encounter that challenges the Heroes. You might discover a Villain to fight, villagers to rescue, or altars to destroy.

Filling the Chamber

Most Chamber Cards tell you to fill the Chamber in the following way:

  • Place the specific Monster or Villain called for on the Chamber Card on any Chamber tile.
  • Then, starting with the active Hero, each Hero draws a Monster Card and places the corresponding figure. These Monsters should be placed on empty Chamber Tiles first. Once all tiles have been filled, you can place any remaining Monsters on any Chamber Tile.
  • To specify which Monster Cards were placed by a Chamber, put a Shield marker on the Monster Card as a reminder.

Chamber Goal

Each Chamber Card has a goal. This goal tells the Heroes how to defeat the Chamber. (Most Adventure goals are also the goals of the Chamber.) Goals typically include defeating a specified Villain or group of Monsters, but sometimes they include rescuing villagers, escaping the dungeon, or performing other tasks.

Sample Chambers

Following are two examples of the Chamber Cards. And, since one of them references the Otyugh—one of the new creatures in Wrath of Ashardalon, we’ve included his card as well!

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