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Psionic Power Excerpts

The power of the mind is yours to do with what you will. You can assume control of another creature, move objects and monsters with the merest thought, or reshape the matter of the material world into more useful forms. Although you recognize that psionic power can be focused and honed in many ways, your specialized training and your respect for the magic of the mind give you insights that few other psionic characters can match. In today's Psionic Power excerpt, we present a new paragon path for the psion: the Alienist.

"Your nightmares serve at my command, and nothing can save you now."

Sweat on his brow, hands tight on his sword, Gorna watched the shambling mass of creatures slouch forth from the darkness. Gaping mouths shrieked in eyeless faces, insectoid legs scuttling across unyielding rock. A dozen, a score, and still they kept coming.

At the head of the throng stood the creature they had come to find, the creature they had foolishly thought they could kill. Its writhing tentacles lashed the air as it raised its clawed hands, and in their minds, the illithid laughed.

Its first assault had taken out Rathelle, their best hope of countering the mind flayer’s power. She lay at its feet now in a crumpled heap, no sign of life in her eyes—but even if Gorna had wanted to leave her behind, they were surrounded.

There was nowhere to run.

As the aberrant horrors surged forward, Gorna and the others cast silent prayers to any gods they knew. They hoped at least that death might come cleanly, quickly.

Then, swift as thought, the mind flayer’s arms fell. Its servants stopped, their inhuman eyes staring questioningly at their master. The creature turned as if in thought, the air rippling around it. And then the power of the illithid’s mind blasted outward, sweeping over its own allies and rendering them senseless. The mind flayer stood rigid, its back to its foes.

“Hurry,” Rathelle whispered from the ground where she lay, face set in concentration as she struggled to speak. “I can’t control it for long. . . .”

Your power is a perfect combination of natural talent and disciplined training. You might have always had a knack for piercing the veil of the material world with your mind. As a child, perhaps you caught faint fragments of the thoughts of those around you, or learned to nudge small objects by concentration alone. But it is only with the dedicated training that is your life’s work that you discover the full extent of your gifts.

Regardless of which path your psion character follows, chapter 4 of Psionic Power presents numerous useful options.

  • Playing a Psion: The psion’s relationship to psionic power and place in the world of the game, with all the information you need to bring a psion character to life.
  • New Build and Class Feature: Shaper psions use their psionic power to alter and transmute the material world. The Shaper Focus class feature allows you to project your consciousness and create mundane objects using only the power of your mind.
  • New Powers: With the new powers presented in this chapter, a psion can tear reality asunder, summon creatures from nightmare, pry open a foe’s mind, or assail enemies with thoughts of pure destruction.
  • New Paragon Paths: Five new paragon paths provide psion characters with a host of options for expanding their power, from the firestarter’s roiling flame to the thrallherd’s ability to control another creature’s body and mind.


“The power the Far Realm offers is worth any risk to my sanity.”

Prerequisite: Psion

Some describe you as reckless. Others call you corrupted, claiming that your work puts all the world at risk. The Far Realm is a dangerous place, to be sure, filled with horrors beyond imagining. But the power to be found there is too tempting to ignore.

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Monday: "You have lived your final lifetime and achieved the enlightened perfection you have long sought.."

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