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Deal Damage Forever
Player's Strategy Guide Excerpts

The following section from the Player's Strategy Guide describes various sample characters who specialize in a particular area of the game, such as healing or accuracy. This is not a list of optimization opportunities; it’s a range of examples that demonstrate how far you can go beyond the obvious choices of class and build. If this kind of character concept appeals to you, you can apply the techniques described in this section to build your own specialized character.

How to Deal Damage Forever

"Still hurts, doesn’t it?"

After your allies perform an attack, the story is over, but your powers are gifts that keep on giving. Enemies that face you suffer prolonged agony from poison in their veins, fire burning their bodies, and acid searing their flesh—occasionally, all at the same time. When you strike an enemy, a clock starts ticking slowly down to the enemy’s inevitable death.

Attack powers that deal ongoing damage might not seem as powerful as more traditional options, but when used properly, they can be much more devastating. These attacks represent a type of gamble, betting that failed saving throws by the target will result in much more damage than a typical power would have dealt.

Building a character who focuses on dealing ongoing damage can be a long, difficult road. For the first few levels, you are limited to a single power that grants the effect. Your patience, however, will be rewarded.

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