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In today's Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons preview, we present a new draconic lair -- Tulkau Shayn: abode of Zanathakla, the orium dragon.

The dragon’s lair is the most iconic adventure locale in the Dungeons & Dragons game. It challenges the characters with one of the toughest monsters in the game and provides one of the richest rewards—the dragon’s hoard. Consequently, any dragon lair should be a spectacular and awe-inspiring encounter setting. This is especially true for metallic dragons, which have more refined tastes than their chromatic counterparts and seek out lairs that reflect their appreciation for aesthetics and the trappings of power. A younger and more brutish metallic dragon might settle for a dank cave, but any mature dragon that has even the most meager appreciation of beauty hungers for opulence and splendor in its lair.

Metallic and chromatic dragons often use the same settings for their lairs, with natural caverns and complexes proving the most common. Metallic dragons are more likely than chromatics to make their lairs near, or within, the communities of other creatures, or to dwell in specially constructed structures. (The latter are often built by humanoids employed, ruled, or enslaved by the dragon in question.) Because metallic dragons tend to be more social than chromatics—with other creatures, not just other dragons—they’re more likely to choose lairs that other creatures can reach and enter on foot.

Tulkau Shayn

Orium dragon lair for five 7th-level adventurers

From the steamy jungles of the south come rumors of the Alabaster City, a place lost to the mists of time, where every citizen was a sage and powerful magic fulfilled every whim of the city’s denizens. No explorer can claim to know the location of the city, but lizardfolk wearing strange alabaster jewelry have been captured recently. Eager to save their own lives, the lizardfolk said they served an orium dragon named Zanathakla. She lives in the bottom of a vertical cave deep in the jungle known as Tulkau Shayn ("Gullet Cave" in the lizardfolk’s dialect).

The captive lizardfolk claim that Zanathakla doesn’t know where the Alabaster City is either, but she searches for it day and night and sends bands of loyal lizardfolk far and wide to look for it. So far, they have found the ruins of several smaller communities, and Zanathakla says the city will soon be theirs.

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