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Excerpts: ECG Q'barra & Table of Contents
Eberron Campaign Guide

In today’s Eberron Campaign Guide preview, we take a look at Q'barra as well as show off the table of contents!


Often thought of as one of the most recently settled territories of Khorvaire, Q'barra is actually one of the oldest. Some seventy years ago, exiles from Khorvaire settled this land after fleeing the devastation of the Last War. However, they quickly discovered that their "unclaimed" territory was home to ancient and powerful masters. Lizardfolk, kobolds, and dragon born have lived in Q'barra since before the first humans arrived in Khorvaire. Even more ancient claims can be made on this land by the dragons who watch over imprisoned fiends trapped here since the Age of Demons. The Treaty of Thronehold recognizes Q'barra as a sovereign nation, but the question of who truly rules this dangerous land remains up for debate.

Lore of Q'barra


Common Knowledge: The jungles, swamps, highlands, and plains of Q'barra are rife with threats. Settlers and explorers must deal with hostile lizardfolk, troglodyte, kobold, and dragon born tribes. Valenar raiders test their spirit and their steel across the Q'barran border, and Lhazaar pirates make raids along the coast. Moreover, the ancient ruins that cover this land conceal unknown dangers.

Nature DC 15: Kobolds lurk in the hills and mountains of Q'barra in large numbers, with lizardfolk, dragon born, and the kobolds of the Poison Dusk tribe spread across the lowlands. Snakes, drakes, and dragonspawn haunt Q’barra’s jungles, and wealthy hunters from central Khorvaire make the treacherous trek across the frontier to hunt these dangerous beasts. Others come in search of this land’s rare flora. Q'barra’s exotic jungle animals bring decent coin in markets abroad, but this land’s most valuable resource is the large deposits of Eberron dragonshards found here.

Table of Contents

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Q'barra & Table of Contents

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