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Excerpts: Divine Power Feats

In today's Divine Power preview, we present new feats for the paragon tier, including for each of the divine classes!


Feats provide you with a powerful tool for describing your character’s unique experiences, training, and natural knacks and talents. Two human clerics of Pelor might have similar ability scores and power selections, but if one chooses feats that reinforce healing powers and the other selects feats that give numerous options for Channel Divinity, they’ll play differently at the table.

You must meet a feat’s prerequisites, if any, to take the feat. If you ever lose a prerequisite for a feat, you can’t use the feat until you meet the prerequisite again. A feat that has a class as a prerequisite is available only to members of that class, including characters who have joined the class through a classspecific multiclass feat.

Paragon Tier Feats

Any Divine Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Armored by Faith Channel Divinity Gain temporary hit points with Channel Divinity
Clinging Radiance No concealment with radiant prayer
Darkfoe Channel Divinity You and allies gain resist necrotic when you use Channel Divinity
Invigorating Critical Ally regains hit points with critical hit on divine power
Pervasive Light Enemies vulnerable to radiant take extra damage when you don’t use a radiant power
Saving Grace Give ally a saving throw with bonus instead of succeeding on your own saving throw

Avenger Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Avenging Surge Censure of Unity, oath of enmity Gain temporary hit points when ally hits your oath of enmity target
Censure’s Grip Censure of Pursuit, oath of enmity If combat advantage and a hit, target cannot shift
Devout Guidance Divine guidance Target of divine guidance gains +3 to second attack roll
Eager for Blood During first round of combat, weapon attacks deal extra damage
Pledge of Retribution Censure of Retribution, oath of enmity Gain +1 to next attack against oath of enmity target after you miss that target

Cleric Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Divine Cleansing Turn undead Each ally in burst can make saving throw
Extended Healing Healing word Add 5 to the burst of your healing word
Greater Fortune Divine fortune Change divine fortune from personal to close burst 1
Merciful Power Healer’s mercy Each target of your healer's mercy can make saving throw
Radiant Vessel Use radiant power to enhance your healing word
Swift Turning Turn undead Use turn undead as minor action instead of standard action

Invoker Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Focused Wrath Covenant of Wrath Gain extra damage if your armor of wrath affects only one target
Footsteps of Doom Covenant of Malediction Targets of your maledictor's doom gain vulnerable 5 to fear attacks
Forceful Covenant Covenant of Malediction Add 1 to push when you use your Covenant Manifestation
Invoker’s Blaze +2 damage with fire or radiant invoker powers (+4 when bloodied)
Invoker’s Control +2 to attacks against enemies that fail a saving throw against your divine powers
Warding Covenant Covenant of Preservation Ally you slide with Covenant Manifestation does not grant combat advantage

Paladin Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Contagious Challenge Divine challenge Place divine sanction on enemy adjacent to target you have challenged
Honored Foe Gain temporary hit points when a marked foe damages you
Persistent Challenge Cha 15, divine challenge Maintain divine challenge even if you don’t attack target
Resurgent Attack Str 17 Gain +2 to attacks after you spend a healing surge
Touch of Salvation Cha 15, lay on hands, or call of virtue Grant saving throw with bonus when you use lay on hands or call of virtue
Untiring Virtue Ardent vow, call of virtue, or lay on hands Gain additional use of ardent vow, call of virtue, or lay on hands when you reach a milestone

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