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Excerpts: MM2 Maw of Acamar
Monster Manual 2

In today’s Monster Manual 2 preview, we introduce a new star spawn, the Maw of Acamar!

Star Spawn

Warlocks and sages know that when one looks up at the stars, some stars glare back with hunger. When a star hangs in the correct position in the sky and its light strikes the world at precisely the right angle, the star spawn walk the world. Star spawn are utterly malevolent beings.

Star Spawn Lore

Dungeoneering DC 20: The star spawn are creatures sent by the baleful stars of the night sky, accursed celestial objects that gaze upon the world with a mixture of hatred, anger, and hunger. The spawn are the avatars of these stars, sent to wreak havoc. Some stars have only one spawn, but others manifest a multitude of creatures. The spawn of a particular star appear only once a year at most, but sometimes a spawn becomes trapped in the world and continues its depredations until slain.

Maw of Acamar

The star Acamar is a corpse star, a dead star of utter inky nothingness that devours other stars that draw too close. The maw of Acamar is that star's hunger made real, an avatar of devastation that eats everything in its path.

In battle, the maw of Acamar strides amid its foes, relying on the powerful magic that surges from its form to drag victims to their doom. Winds howl as Acamar draws the very air around the maw into itself. Creatures slain by the maw are ripped apart and dragged away to disappear into Acamar's endless darkness. The maws are deadlier still when encountered in numbers; they crowd around a foe and tear him in half as they pull him in several directions at once.

Maw of Acamar Lore

Dungeoneering DC 18: A maw of Acamar enters the world when the dark influence of the star Acamar is at its peak. The maw wanders the world, pulling living creatures into its destructive void to feed Acamar, a dead star wracked by endless hunger.

Maw of Acamar
Level 15 Controller
Large aberrant humanoid
XP 1,200
Initiative +9 Senses Perception +11; darkvision
Hungry Star aura 5; each creature within the aura must spend 3 extra squares of movement for each square it moves farther away from the maw of Acamar.
HP 145; Bloodied 77
AC 29; Fortitude 27, Reflex 26, Will 27
Speed 6
Melee Devouring Touch (standard; at-will)
Reach 2; +19 vs. Reflex; the target takes ongoing 15 damage (save ends).
Close Burst Corpse Star’s Grip (minor; at-will)
Close burst 5; +19 vs. Fortitude; the maw of Acamar pulls the target 3 squares.
Close Burst Devouring Star (standard; at-will)
Close burst 3; +19 vs. Fortitude; the target takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends).
Destroyer of Life
When an enemy adjacent to the maw of Acamar succeeds on a saving throw against ongoing damage, the ongoing damage is reduced by 5 instead of ending.
Life Devourer (immediate reaction, when a creature within 2 squares of the maw of Acamar spends a healing surge; at-will)
The reach of devouring touch and the burst areas of corpse star’s grip and devouring star increase by 2 until the end of the maw’s next turn.
Alignment Chaotic evil
Languages telepathy 10
Str 20 (+12)
Dex 15 (+9)
Wis 19 (+11)
Con 17 (+10)
Int 11 (+7)
Cha 16 (+10)

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