Excerpts Archive | 3/13/2009
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Excerpts: Primal Avatar
Player's Handbook 2

In today’s final Player's Handbook 2 preview, we introduce a new epic destiny for primal characters -- the primal avatar!

Primal Avatar

You are the living embodiment of nature’s power, a mighty primal spirit veiled in living flesh.

Prerequisite: 21st level, any primal class

You are one with the world around you. You hear the whispers of the trees as they speak of their ancient dreams, you taste the change of seasons carried on the four winds, and you understand the thoughts of beasts nearby. The world of spirit that exists alongside the physical world is as real to you as your own body; you perceive and move in both realms at the same time. Like the wisest and most powerful barbarians, druids, shamans, and wardens who have gone before you, you have no fear of death, for when you die, you will reside in the spirit world that you already know.

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