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Livestream Game
The Lich-Queen's Beloved, Session 4

G rab a virtual seat as members of the D&D R&D team play through The Lich-Queen's Beloved. High-level play is definitely a focus, as the team will be using 17th level characters.

The Lich-Queen's Beloved originally appeared in Dungeon #100, as the climax of an Incursion campaign centered around a githyanki invasion (later adapted in Dungeon #191). In this adventure, the heroes invade Susurrus, the palace of the githyanki lich-queen, and attempt to end Vlaakith’s reign forever. The adventure begins when Zetch’r’r, a githyanki warlord, petitions the heroes to confront and destroy Vlaakith. However, the lich-queen’s spies know of Zetch’r’r’s treachery and are preparing to deal with him and the PCs.

R&D will be using the very latest D&D Next playtest rules. So sit back and watch the action unfold!

When: Friday, October 11, 2013

Start: 2:00 PM Pacific
End: 4:00 PM Pacific

Please Note: Wizards owns all rights in and to the related and underlying intellectual property including all trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. By viewing this livestream, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Online Playtest Agreement.

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Hopefully someone will post a link to where we can view this.
Posted By: TheGimper (10/13/2013 10:37:07 PM)


Its seems the fighter seems very boring, much like the 3.5 fighter? Can they do more then just swing and do poor damage.
Posted By: SearosTelos (10/13/2013 4:57:22 PM)



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