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Dungeon Command Rule Book

Dungeon Command Game Day: July 21, 2012

D&D Game Day is a one-day event spotlighting a key release -- and this year, the event celebrates the first Dungeon Command Skirmish packs: Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth. Designed for two or more players, this head-to-head skirmish game will have strategists assembling war bands, taking to the battlefield of their choice, and attempting to crush the enemy!

As mentioned in our recent In the Works column (which highlights the basic components of the game), Peter Lee will be creating a series of articles which details key features of the game. Until then, we’re pleased to offer the complete rulebook for Dungeon Command!

(14 Mbs PDF)

At D&D Game Day

Participating stores will have a full copy of both Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth on hand for you to try. Plus, players will receive an alternate-paint miniature simply for attending this great event (while supplies last)!

Use the Store & Event Locator to find a Game Day location near you. If you’re an organizer at a Core level or above WPN store, click here.

For more information on Game Day specifics, to discuss your event, or to leave feedback, visit the Official D&D Community Group on the Wizards Community site.

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