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Training Day
Lukas Ritter

The following short story comes to us courtesy of Lukas Ritter, as an introduction to his forthcoming book, Practical Guides: Monster Slayers.

Nevvy spun around, back toward where the sun had blinded her. The trees broke away to reveal a clearing, in the center of which sat a wood cabin. Kids like her, upon nearing adulthood, were brought here for several days to finish combat training, training which had started three months earlier. It was a necessary skill in Hesiod, her village. Even if she would never be more than a bar wench, she would need to be able to wield a sword, what with all the gnolls and goblins that insisted on attacking all the time.

No one her age knew what exactly went on at the cabin. When asked, the adults always just said, "You’ll see."

Four cages sat at the edge of the clearing, equidistant apart, shaded by the trees. In each Nevvy could make out beastly creatures. They were taller even than Jaymed and Loomis, and covered in matted, yellow fur. Their heads were low slung from their heads, with elongated snouts like a dog or wolf and pointed ears, up and alert. Their eyes were filled with frustrated rage.

"Meet your opponents," Loomis said as he handed each trainee a sword.

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You can also try out the story's challenges yourself! Monster Slayers: The Heroes of Hesiod captures the flavor of D&D in one fast-paced, action-packed package for kids who want to learn the fundamentals of the game. The Heroes of Hesiod is also a fun diversion for experienced players who need their D&D fix but don’t have the time for a full-length game.

About the Author

Lukas Ritter enjoys fancy coffee drinks, perpetually gray skies, bringing his own bag to supermarkets, and wearing wool socks with Birkenstocks. He currently resides in Seattle, WA. You can read an account of how Lukas started writing for Wizards of the Coast at the WotC Novels Book Group.

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