Fiction Archive | 4/13/2009
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Gedrin Shadowbane
By Erik Scott de Bie

The following presents a new tale from Erik Scott de Bie—author of the recently released novel Downshadow:

Ever wondered what it's really like to be a paladin? A holy knight, struggling to live in a very unholy city? A city crowded with tempting women who take a great interest in you, and old enemies increasingly thirsty for your doom?

Downshadow shows you, in a tale packed with battles, betrayals, sticky situations, lurking foes . . . and the deadly rooms and passages of Waterdeep's most dangerous neighborhood of all: Downshadow, beneath the cobbles and cellars and the sewers that underlie them.

Gedrin Shadowbane

It is said that heroes of legend can see death lying in wait before it rises to meet them.

And though all heroes die, what makes them legendary is how they choose to face death—whether it is with weeping or with a smile.

--Catalan the Mad,
Eleven Lost Champions, published 1403

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