D&D Alumni Archive | 10/30/2013
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Halloween Trivia
Bart Carroll

Y esterday, we asked what D&D monster you would be for Halloween. Today, we're interested in challenging your D&D knowledge—as it pertains to the undead, demons, devils, and all other things fiendishly appropriate for the holiday!

Take the following trivia challenge, and see how your knowledge of the game measures up! Answers will be available at the end, with your written choices highlighted in the field above.

Bart Carroll
Bart Carroll has been a part of Wizards of the Coast since 2004, and a D&D player since 1980 (and has fond memories of coloring the illustrations in his 1st Edition Monster Manual). He currently works as producer for the D&D website. You can find him on Twitter (@bart_carroll) and at bartjcarroll.com.

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