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The Monster Manual 3 packs in over 200 new monsters to menace player characters. Classic monsters such as the derro, the mimic, and Lolth (Demon Queen of Spiders) make their first appearance here. In addition, this book includes scores of new monsters to challenge characters of heroic, paragon, and epic level, including deadly catastrophic dragons!

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior art director for this project, plus artists Rob Alexander, Dave Allsop, Thomas M. Baxa, Chippy, Brian Despain, Matt Dixon, Vincent Dutrait, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Jason A. Engle, Jason Felix, Adam Gillespie, Tomás Giorello, E.M. Gist, Woodrow Hinton III, Ralph Horsley, Howard Lyon, Jim Nelson, Wayne Reynolds, Chris Seaman, John Stanko, Arnie Swekel, Matias Tapia, Franz Vohwinkel, Eva Widermann, Ben Wootten, and Jesper Ejsing.

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