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Life in Athas is a harrowing experience. The land abounds with perilous hazards and deadly monsters. In spartan gladitorial arenas, contenders battle armored braxats and hardened muls that are intent on eviscerating them for the crowd’s pleasure. In the merciless wastes, belgoi draw adventurers to their doom with the alluring jingle of bells, or savage humanoid tribes of gith or halflings hunt travelers for pleasure, loot, and even food. And, in the Sea of Silt, giants guard their borders against any trespassers who manage to survive the constricting tentacles of the silt horrors.

The Dark Sun Creature Catalog contains nearly 200 monsters and hazards. It is your guide to building adventures and encounters in the Dark Sun setting. With this book, you can alter existing monsters using themes, add fantastic terrain to spice up an encounter area, or introduce non-player characters that can be either allies or enemies of the player characters. This book is mean to be used in conjunction with the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, which describes Athas in greater detail and discusses how to create characters and how to run a game in the setting.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior art director for this project, plus artists Dave Allsop, Matt Dixon, Tyler Jacobson, Scott Murphy, William O'Connor, Andrew Olson, Adam Paquette, Michael Phillippi, David Rapoza, John Stanko, Arnie Swekel, Matias Tapia, Mark Tedin, Tyler Walpole, Ben Wootten, and Wayne Reynolds.

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