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Title Category Date Issue # Author
In Search of the Unknown D&D Alumni 11/19/10 184 Bart Carroll
Hybrids D&D Alumni 04/15/11 398 Bart Carroll
Halloween Trivia D&D Alumni 10/30/13 Bart Carroll
Guess the Monster D&D Alumni 10/31/13 Bart Carroll
Goblins! D&D Alumni 10/12/12 416 James Maliszewski
Ghost Tower of Inverness D&D Alumni 02/18/11 396 Bart Carroll
From Warduke to Websites D&D Alumni 02/17/12 407 Bart Carroll
Flying Mounts D&D Alumni 12/07/12 418 Bart Carroll
Fighting-Men D&D Alumni 11/07/08 369 Bart Carroll
Dungeoneering & The Art of War D&D Alumni 03/21/14 Shannon Appelcline
Dungeon! D&D Alumni 10/31/12 416 James Maliszewski
Druid & Bard D&D Alumni 03/20/09 373 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Dragonlance D&D Alumni 02/21/14 Shannon Appelcline
Dragon Magazine D&D Alumni 06/10/11 400 Bart Carroll
Draco Historia D&D Alumni 04/25/14 Shannon Appelcline
Demogorgon D&D Alumni 05/22/09 375 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Dave Arneson D&D Alumni 04/24/09 374 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
D&D on the Small Screen D&D Alumni 03/04/11 397 Bart Carroll
D&D Alumni: Winter is Upon Us! D&D Alumni 12/13/11 406 Bart Carroll
D&D Alumni: Halloween Monsters D&D Alumni 10/28/11 404 Bart Carroll
D&D Alumni: Fey D&D Alumni 11/18/11 405 Bart Carroll
D&D Alumni: Cursed Items D&D Alumni 09/23/11 403 Bart Carroll
D&D Adventure Quiz D&D Alumni 10/31/12 Bart Carroll
Blackrazor Revealed D&D Alumni 02/18/10 384
Beyond Feudalism D&D Alumni 06/06/14 Shannon Appelcline
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