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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Turned to Stone Wandering Monsters 02/19/13 James Wyatt
Turning and Churning Legends & Lore 03/12/12 Mike Mearls
Tutorial: Terrain Powers Tutorials 04/14/11 Mark Monack
T'wit The Dungeon Master Experience 09/01/11 Chris Perkins
Two Hundred Issues! Editorial 03/01/12 200 Christopher Perkins
Tyler Jacobson and D&D Dragon's-Eye View 08/07/13 Jon Schindehette
Types of Dungeons Excerpts 04/10/12 Bart Carroll
Tyranny of Dragons Announced News 05/19/14
Tyranny of Dragons is Coming! Features 01/23/14
Tyranny of Dragons: T-Shirt Design Contest Features 04/15/14
Tyranny of Goblins Design & Development 09/12/12 Chris Dupuis
Tyranny of Goblins Order Cards Design & Development 09/18/12 Chris Dupuis
Tyranny of Souls Subscriber Only Content Adventure Path 07/22/09 168 Robert J. Schwalb
Ulterior Motives The Dungeon Master Experience 02/07/13 Chris Perkins
Ultimate Summer Fun! RPGA Report 06/15/09 376 Chris Tulach
Unboxing Monster Vault News 11/04/10
Unboxing Nerath News 05/26/11
Undead D&D Alumni 12/31/12 418 James Maliszewski
Undead Dragon's-Eye View 10/17/12 Jon Schindehette
Undead in Neverwinter Video Games 03/07/13
Under the Hood of the DMG Design & Development 06/30/08 364 James Wyatt
Under the Plains of Rust Subscriber Only Content Fiction 02/26/10 384 John Shirley
Under the Sea Wandering Monsters 11/20/13 James Wyatt
Underdark Wallpapers 01/19/10 Jen Page
Underdark Use This Book Tonight 01/19/10 Robert Weise
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