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Title Category Date Issue # Author
The Last Legion Subscriber Only Content Features 02/04/11 396 Robert J. Schwalb
The Last Threshold Release Week News 03/04/13
The Last Threshold Released! News 03/05/13
The Last Threshold Tour Dates News 02/18/13
The Last Threshold Wallpaper Wallpapers 03/19/13
The Latest on Skills Legends & Lore 09/16/13 Mike Mearls
The Legend of Drizzt Design & Development 10/19/11 Peter Lee
The Legend Of Drizzt Spotlight Interviews 08/05/11 Bart Carroll
The Library Code Forging The Realms 08/22/13 Ed Greenwood
The Little Guys Wandering Monsters 10/16/13 James Wyatt
The Lone Wizard Forging The Realms 04/04/13 Ed Greenwood
The Long Shadow of D&D D&D Alumni 05/18/12 410 James Maliszewski
The Longest Night Subscriber Only Content Roll vs Role 12/15/08 370 Chris Sims
The Lost Crown of Athalantar Forging The Realms 05/16/13 Ed Greenwood
The Lost Dragon of Waterdeep Subscriber Only Content Eye on the Realms 08/22/12 414 Ed Greenwood
The Lost Library Subscriber Only Content Adventures 12/22/09 173 Peter Lee
The Lost Mines of Karak Subscriber Only Content Adventure Path 10/22/08 159 Greg A. Vaughan with James Larrison
The Lost Tharkul of Thar Forging The Realms 04/01/14 Ed Greenwood
The Lost Triarchy of Scorune Forging The Realms 02/25/14 Ed Greenwood
The Loyal Opposition Legends & Lore 08/23/11 Mike Mearls
The Mahin'drazal Subscriber Only Content Features 03/31/11 188 Rodney Thompson
The Mailbag Subscriber Only Content Ruling Skill Challenges 10/21/09 171 Mike Mearls
The Making of an Owlbear Dragon's-Eye View 05/16/12 Jon Schindehette
The Many Deaths of Manshoon Subscriber Only Content History Check 09/07/12 415 Brian Cortijo
The Many Faces of D&D Legends & Lore 06/14/11 Mike Mearls
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