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Title Category Date Issue # Author
4th Edition D&D Core Rulebook Wallpapers 06/27/08
Against the Giants Wallpapers Wallpapers 05/09/12 J Kovach
Bane Wallpapers 02/11/09 Miranda Horner
Brink of Madness Wallpapers 03/11/09 Miranda Horner
D&D Next Wallpaper Wallpapers 04/19/13
Dark Sun Wallpapers Wallpapers 08/11/10 Jen Page
Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons Wallpapers 11/18/09 Jen Page
Drow Wallpapers Wallpapers 04/12/12 J Kovach
Dungeon Command: Set 1 Wallpapers 08/08/12
Dungeon Command: Set 2 Wallpapers 08/29/12
Dungeon Master's Guide 2 Wallpapers 09/21/09 Toshiko Okumura
Dungeon Survival Handbook Wallpapers Wallpapers 04/23/12 J Kovach
Eberron Player's Guide Wallpapers 06/24/09 Toshiko Okumura
Fanged Crown Wallpapers 01/21/09 Miranda Horner
Forgotten Realms Wallpapers 09/23/08
Gamma World Wallpapers Wallpapers 12/22/10 Jen Page
House of Pain Wallpapers 02/18/09 Miranda Horner
iPhone Wallpapers 05/13/09
Lair Assault: Spiderkiller Wallpapers Wallpapers 07/11/12
Legacy of Acererak Wallpapers 04/08/09 Miranda Horner
Martial Power Wallpapers 11/21/08
MM2 Creature Competition Wallpapers 07/01/09 Toshiko Okumura
MM3 Wallpapers Wallpapers 06/29/10 Jen Page
Monster Manual 2 Wallpapers 06/10/09 Toshiko Okumura
Monster Slayers Wallpapers Wallpapers 05/20/10 Jen Page
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