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Starter Set: Excerpt 7 Excerpts 06/26/14
Starter Set: Excerpt 6 Excerpts 06/24/14
Starter Set: Excerpt 5 Excerpts 06/19/14
Starter Set: Excerpt 4 Excerpts 06/17/14
Starter Set: Excerpt 3 Excerpts 06/12/14
Starter Set: Excerpt 2 Excerpts 06/10/14
Starter Set: Excerpt Excerpts 06/05/14
Launch Event Weekend Excerpts 01/31/14
The Adversary: Farideh Excerpts 12/03/13
Legacy of the Crystal Shard Excerpts Excerpts 11/12/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 11/05/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/31/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/29/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/24/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/22/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/17/13
OD&D Excerpts Excerpts 10/15/13
Excerpts: Murder in Baldur's Gate Excerpts 08/20/13
Excerpts: Undermountain Excerpts 07/24/13
Excerpts: Rulebook Excerpts 07/19/13
Excerpts: Skullport Excerpts 07/17/13
Magic Item Compendium Excerpts: Sets Excerpts 07/05/13
Magic Item Compendium: Clothing and Tools Excerpts 07/02/13
Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle Excerpts: Adv 4 Excerpts 06/28/13
Magic Item Compendium Excerpts: Weapons Excerpts 06/27/13
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