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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Winter is Coming Features 11/20/13
Rulebook: Lords of Waterdeep Previews 11/21/13
The (Not-So) Secret Origin of D&D D&D Alumni 11/22/13 Shannon Appelcline
D&D Next Q&A: 11/22/13 Rule-of-Three 11/22/13 Rodney Thompson
Design Finesse—Part 1 Legends & Lore 11/25/13 Mike Mearls
Characters 2: Lords of Waterdeep Previews 11/26/13
The Gem in the Wall Forging The Realms 11/26/13 Ed Greenwood
Born of Dragons Wandering Monsters 11/27/13 James Wyatt
Characters 3: Lords of Waterdeep Previews 11/28/13
Art: Lords of Waterdeep Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 11/29/13
Design Finesse—Part 2 Legends & Lore 12/02/13 Mike Mearls
The Adversary: Farideh Excerpts 12/03/13
Dungeon #220 Subscriber Only Content Features 12/04/13 220 Will Doyle, Craig Campbell, Christopher Perkins and Will Doyle
Dragon #429 Subscriber Only Content Features 12/04/13 429 Steve Winter, R. A. Salvatore, Bryan Salvatore, Shawn Merwin, Dave Chalker, Alana Joli Abbott, Robert J. Schwalb, Peter Schaefer, and Ed Greenwood
The Teleporting Oddity Forging The Realms 12/04/13 Ed Greenwood
Shadowmantle: Now on Neverwinter Features 12/05/13
Announcing Scourge of the Sword Coast News 12/06/13
Murder in Baldur's Gate #3 Cartoons 12/06/13 Aaron Williams
D&D Next Q&A: 12/06/13 Rule-of-Three 12/06/13 Rodney Thompson
Sequel to the D&D Livestream Event Features 12/06/13
The Ever-Elusive Feel Legends & Lore 12/09/13 Mike Mearls
Jarasson, Founder of Guilds Forging The Realms 12/10/13 Ed Greenwood
Mapping the World Wandering Monsters 12/11/13 James Wyatt
D&D Next Playtest News 12/11/13
Lords of Waterdeep: Top 10 Games News 12/12/13
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