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D&D Next on Wired News 05/22/12 Ethan Gilsdorf
D&D Next on The Escapist News 05/25/12 Greg Tito
D&D Next on News 05/24/13
D&D Next on EN World News 05/21/12 EN World
D&D Next Chat News 05/24/12
D&D Next Chat News 05/14/12
D&D News Roundup News 04/22/11
D&D News Roundup News 04/08/11
D&D Neverwinter Game Day is Coming! News 07/01/11
D&D Never Split the Party News 06/21/10
D&D Launch Announced News 12/19/13
D&D Lair Assault News 08/02/12
D&D in the News News 02/26/11
D&D in the News News 02/17/11
D&D Home Play News News 12/15/10 Chris Tulach
D&D Google+ Hangout News 01/07/13
D&D Google+ Hangout News 11/09/12
D&D Game Day News 07/20/12
D&D Game Day News 04/30/12
D&D Experience 2011 News 01/24/11
D&D Experience News 01/26/10
D&D Expeditions News 07/03/14 Chris Tulach
D&D Encounters: Dark Sun News 08/10/10
D&D Encounters Starts Soon! News 11/04/11
D&D Encounters is Coming! News 07/25/11
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