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City of Torment
Abolethic Sovereignty, Book II
Bruce R. Cordell

"Mr. Cordell does for hand-to-hand combat what Mr. Salvatore does for fencing." --Robert at goodreads, on City of Torment

The Spellplague left Raidon Kane with many scars. A dead daughter and a leveled home. Eleven missing years. And a strange sapphire tattoo that grants him supernatural powers that aid him in fighting aberrant monstrosities such as aboleths. Unfortunately for Raidon, the world has no time for his pain. It desperately needs his help.

A splinter of the Abolethic Sovereignty, a nightmare empire bent on reducing the world to the chaos, has risen and is on the brink of waking the Eldest -- an aboleth so powerful that his dreaming alone can affect the world. Once he is roused, even Raidon's supernatural gifts will not be enough to save the Realms.

Raidon has failed in the first part of his task. The Dreamheart, actually the petrified eye of the Eldest, is awake. It is too late to simply destroy the Dreamheart. Left unchecked, the Dreamheart will aid the aboleths in waking the Eldest. Raidon has no choice: he must travel to the lost city of the aboleths, the City of Torment itself, to stop them before their rituals reach their horrific conclusion.

City of Torment is the second novel in the Abolethic Sovereignty trilogy. Award-winning game designer and author Bruce R. Cordell is one of the primary creators of the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. Abolethic Sovereignty begins with Plague of Spells and concludes with Key of Stars.

Item Details
Item Code: 250137400
Release Date: September 2009
Series: Abolethic Sovereignty, Book II
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Price: $7.99 C$xxx
ISBN: 978-0-7869-5184-0
"This is sword and sorcery at its best. Cordell has just the right mix of action and introspection to keep the reader's interest. Cordell delicately balances several plot lines, and the final conclusion (to be found in Key of Stars) is still anyone's game.

The 4th Edition Forgotten Realms campaign setting has its prophet. And he is awfully convincing. I highly recommend you read both City of Torment and Plague of Spells, you won't be disappointed."
--Jeff Preston,

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Author Bios
Bruce R. Cordell
Bruce R. Cordell is an author of novels and games. He has over sixty listed credits, including several published novels and short stories. Besides writing, Bruce has a keen interest in martial arts, reading, and a wide variety of other activities. Bruce keeps his blog at
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